PTSD for Parents of Children with Chronic Illnesses.


Herding Chaos

This $hi+ is real, people.  It’s real.  And this one was a hard one to write.  Not because I didn’t want to put it out there, cause I’m not ashamed.  It happened to me.  It wasn’t something that I chose.  It was hard to write because I had a hard couple of days with this monster, and I didn’t want to end up crying again because I was writing this.  But oh well…  cry I did.   Drank coffee, ate dark chocolate, and cried a little.  Because I couldn’t help it.  It’s been a hard couple of weeks for no particular reason other than I have PTSD and sometimes it rears it’s ugly head and sometimes it goes away for weeks at a time.  That is the nature of the beast.

The background:  My oldest was born with cancer.  She has permanent long term liver damage and an enlarged spleen.  She…

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