The Choice

The choice…

DECEMBER 24, 2015

The choice is yours. No matter what anyone says… or thinks… or does to try to hurt you or try to make you look bad or them better…. you get to choose how you live.

We are all human. We all bleed red and breathe air. The good Lord gave us a choicehow to live. So how will you choose?

To be angry? Hurt? Unforgiving? Living in a past that no longer has life? How will you choose?

I, for one, choose to live in Joy. The Lord has blessed me in abundance and choose to give him Honor and Glory for all He has done for us and especially for me.

Anyone can have their opinions about anyone else. It’s their right and God gave us all our own personality and minds. But we all have a choicd. We all have the choice to live a good life and to do good in God’s love. To be kind and respectful. We all have the choice.

So choose…  how will you choose to live your life?

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