Everyday is a Good Day


DECEMBER 17, 2015

Today I was remembering the first few days after the twins birth. I remember the night before they were born, I recorded their heart beats on my phone. I had no idea what God had planned for me or for my babies. But in case the Lord decided to bring them to His home earlier than hoped.. at least I would have their heart beats on audio. I would be able to listen to it any time I wanted.

I was remembering when I was in labor, I was being wheeled down the hospital hallway, being rushed to an emergency c-section. All I could think of was, “This is it. This is it…” I remember holding on to my belly and thinking that this was the last time I get to hold my babies alive. My entire birthing experience was so traumatic and when I woke up and I was told they were both alive and crying at birth, all I could do was Thank God. Thank God they survived birth. Thank God they are still alive… RIGHT NOW… THEY – ARE – ALIVE!!

From that moment on, I learned very quickly what it meant when people said “Time isn’t promised”. I learned the hard way that it really isn’t promised. For so long I took life for granted. I never realized that every minute that passed was a minute I would never get back. I had to learn very quickly that life can easily slip away with a sound of beep.

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