The Gift of Life

The Gift of Life

DECEMBER 12, 2015

One thing I have thought about since the first time we ever heard the word “transplant” was ‘How do you say Thank You to the one who will save my son’s life?‘ . This is the question that has always been on my mind. It has haunted me for over a year. It is the one question that I don’t think I will ever figure out. And that scares me. How can I show the endless gratitude I will carry for the rest of my life? How do  I show someone how thankful I am? How do I tell someone that because of their sacrifice, my son will live?!

When I was pregnant and we were given such a horrible prognosis, the word transplant was rarely said. At that time, the most used word when my son was discussed was IF. IF my sons survives surgery in utero, IF my son survives birth, IFmy son survives the first day, first week, first month, first year…

It wasn’t until his first birthday that the doctor said that magical word: Transplant. I remember the day like it was yesterday. She was talking about his weight and how he was growing rapidly and doing well. Everything seemed so perfect at the time. Then she said, “He should be ready for transplant around Christmas or the beginning of the year.” And there it was. Finally, the most positive prediction I had ever heard. FINALLY someone saying that my son will survive. My son will grow. My son will live long enough to reach a size and age to receive the gift of life… a transplant.

And the moment she said that, we were suddenly thrown in with a mix of other families who are also waiting ever so patiently for their babies to receive their gifts too.

I am now in a group with other mothers that have babies who were already transplanted, mothers whose babies are on the transplant list and waiting, and with mothers who are just now starting the process. I have a group of amazing mothers to look up to as we begin this process. I can do nothing but stay positive and stay hopeful of this journey we are traveling. It is an amazing ride. My son will be blessed with the gift of life ♡

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