Fall Family Festival 2015


NOVEMBER 14, 2015

I wanted to share about our first ever Family Festival. It was held on Saturday Nov. 7th in the beautiful city of La Quinta, CA. It is a Family Festival loaded with businesses and organizations that are All About Families. It is a great organization that has grown so much in our community. I was blessed to be able to meet the owner and organizer of About families. She is also a doula. She was actually recently doula for my cousin who had a home water birth two days ago.

We started planning for the Fall Festival about three weeks prior to the date. We started ordering a few items to give away at our booth. And I asked a few other preemie moms to help out during that day. We got bracelets, stickers, buttons and candy to hand out. As well as brochures and business cards. We had a section for prayer requests and a sign up sheet for updates. We also made information boards to display our organization’s information upcoming events and information and photos about Prematurity Awareness Month.  Honestly, it was a great great experience to be there. We met so many people. People we had been emailing and messaging. People we had met at the hospitals, other events and support group. We met some awesome NICU staff from our local hospital and met some other great owners and operators of local businesses and organizations. All whom have shown interest in working with us. We received some unexpected donations also while we were there. It was great.

While there we made some great connections and even scored a sponsor for our first Paint Nite Fundraiser AND a sponsor for catering. It was really really neat being there! We met some VIP’s and had 7 volunteers at our booth!!! I am going to be completely honest, I was surprised we had so many people show up to help…lol. I mean, you always get people that say, oh I will help. or oh, I would love to be there… and no one ever shows up. Which is what I expected. But I actually had everyone show up and help. And everyone stayed the entire time. It was so great. We all went out afterwards for a celebratory dinner.

I cant wait for what this coming year has for us. There is so much already being planned and so much interest in helping. We have some meetings with a couple local hospitals this coming week. I am both nervous and excited about. We have a meeting with our local congressman that reached out to us who said he wanted to help our organization. It was an awesome coincidence that his wife recently had twins…. (i have boy/girl twins and so does he). I have an appointment with a philanthropist that wants to meet with me to look for ways to help our organization as well. I am so overwhelmed and so grateful for each ad every person that has prayed for us and offered their help, support and assistance. It is so amazing how the Lord is truly placing people in our path at the right time. God’s Perfect Timing.

Excuse me for the lack of postings, but I just started a new class (I’m in college- Yay me) and this class is pretty intense. Instead of spending my time with grant writing and paperwork for Made For A Miracle, I am racking my brain with socialism and religion papers. AAhhh.. lol

I will update

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