Same Journey, Different Road

Written on AUGUST 10, 2015

Matthew and I were just picked up by a medical transport to take us to Loma Linda. If our insurance hadn’t approved this tranaport, Matthew would still be in the hospital. Thank God for insurance.

This is our new road. Four days a week we will be traveling to the Children’s Hospital for his dialysis. It’s  different. Everything is different. I don’t know how else to describe it… it’s just different. Easier bur harder.  Easier because we don’t do much for Matthew at home anymore. No more dialyais, no meds, no shots, no tubes. But harder because I am gone from home now. Instead of being home 90% of the week, it is now more like 25%. And this is not ideal.

Is this the best for Matthew? Yes, at the moment. Is this the best for our girls? I don’t have much choice. They are doing so great in school and in school activities. I can’t just pick up and move. I feel like I am still in shock of it all. Everything that has happened. This new road we have to go on.

It honestly feels like the engine revved up, we went full speed and crashed through the barrier that had a ‘do not enter- danger zone’ sign on it. And we drive right through it. Almost like a movie… we went the most ridiculous, scariest, difficult road possible. But in the end we will make it. We will run into some monsters. … but we will make it alive.

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