NICU Care Packages

Written on  JULY 3, 2015

That is what these past weeks have felt like…. a tornado. But not a bad tornado… not one that leaves destruction. One of those tornadoes that you watch on youtube that just twirls through open field with little destruction and no lives taken. lol. We survived. I survived.

Since I last posted, I wrote about Made For A Miracle. We went total public with it. We were on the news, we spoke with many Very Important People regarding our organization. And God is definitely opening doors. We have received SO many donations from a lot of different people. Even people who I never would have thought would care about our cause… but somehow were impacted by our story of survival. It was definitely an eye-opener.

Myself and some AMAZING volunteers were busy running around picking up items and buying items for the NICU Care Packages. It was a beautiful and chaotic rush. But in the end, they turned out beautiful.

we made 86 packages.

In each package was hand sanitizer, composition book, pen, chapstick, gum, Kleenex packet, cookies or crackers and a fruit snack. All things I would have loved to have. I spoke with our nurses and they all said the mamas that received theirs, they loved. So I was happy. It makes my heart happy to know… whatever kind of day they were having, for that one moment, they smiled. Purpose of care packages, confirmed! Success!!

We plan on doing another care package drive for Christmas. We have so many items left over, we are going to fill bags for another NICU that only has 35 beds. And in August we scheduled to serve a meal at our local Ronald McDonald House.

God is Good! Life is Good! We are moving in a positive direction with Made For A Miracle. I am really excited. I feel so blessed.

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