In Awe

In AWE of God’s Power

MAY 14, 2015

One thing I haven’t told many people is that I am now going to college full time. YAY ME! I am finally going to finish college! I am really excited and going full time. I plan on getting my degree in Biblical Studies with emphasis on Worship Leadership.

At my university, I am given the option of writing a thesis in lieu of my English courses. It would actually give me 12 credits worth.  So I have decided to write about my sons diagnosis of Childhood Kidney Disease. I will so be discussing his initial diagnosis of Posterior Urethral Valves and Pediatric Dialysis. I pray I can get it together and make it work.

A long time ago I got copies of my sons medical records from when he was first diagnosed in utero to when he was released from the NICU. And I was simply in AWE. Not because of everything that was wrong with him… but because of everything God did to heal him.

Here is a SHORT list of my son’s main problems at birth:

  • Oligohydramnios
  • Bilateral Hydronephrosis
  • pneumothorax in both lungs
  • pulmonary hypoplasia
  • hypovolemia
  • pulmonary hypertension
  • subdural hematoma
  • cerebral hemorrhage with intraventricular inundation

And none of those have anything to do with his bladder issues. I did what I’m sure some of you are going to do.. I googled these and I was shocked. At the time I remember I KNEW our son was sick…. I even remember bits and pieces of doctors talking to us and telling us what is wrong. I remember it like flashbacks. But I don’t think I ever REALLY understood the severity of his problems.

I remember his lungs were an issue… then his brain bleeds… then his heart… then his kidneys…

Fast forward to now… I am just in AWE, The POWER GOD HAS.

In The Name of Jesus…

To God Be The Glory

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