My Worship

Written on  MAY 5, 2015

Every Tuesday we have Bible Study at our church but once a month we have an actual service. My desire has always been to be a part of our Praise Team (I believe I have even written a previous post about it.) I truly, whole-heartedly believe that I am made to worship Him. I was created to do anything and everything I can to bring Praise to God.

Ever since I was a small child, I have loved music. Growing up in the church, I have loved gospel music…church music. My uncle and my brother played instruments in church. My mom was the singer. And for as long as I can remember, we had music. I love music. I love listening to music. I love writing music. I love all instruments. I love arranging music. I love everything about music. And for me, music has always been important.

I have been a part of my church’s Praise Team from when I was 15 years old until I moved away when I was 20. Since I was 20 years old I have attended three different churches. I have never really felt like I was a “part” of those churches. So I never really had it in me to get involved in their music programs or involved in their Praise Teams or even choirs. I kind of felt like I was at a loss. I lost my relationship with God. I always knew He was there with me… but I was the one that let go. And since I wasn’t attending a church I felt comfortable in, I didn’t know how to go back to Him. So for years, I stopped going.

It wasn’t until early 2013 that we had found OUR HOME. My husband (we weren’t married at the time) and I were looking for a church to attend together. We needed to build our relationship with God as our foundation. We had been married before, but had a civil ceremony. We both grew up in the church but had both back-slid. The entire time we were together… we never really “WENT” to church. So when we reconciled in September 2012, we made a decision. We made a promise to God and each other, that HE was going to come first. God was going to be IT!! With God…. all things are possible. He Redeems, He Reconciles, He Restores.

It was March 2013 when we had heard that a new church had opened and started. We both knew who the Pastor and his wife were so we were hopeful that maybe THIS church was going to be it. Maybe THIS time it was going to work out. For the first time ever in our entire relationship…. we prayed together. And before visiting this new church, we prayed that God would find us a home.

We walked in to the church… we were greeted by some very nice people. We sat down in one of the pews on the left side of the church. There weren’t a lot of people that attended the church…maybe about 50. The Pastor and his wife walked in and greeted us. EVERYONE greeted us. We were just visitors… and it was so nice to be greeted. We had been to so many other churches and no one seemed to care when we walked in. Here at this church… they have greeters. Greeters that actually greet you….and with a smile!!

Church began… I don’t remember every single detail about that service. But I remember the loving feeling I had from just walking through the door. The service was very moving. It was exciting. There was so much love for the Lord by everyone. Genuine LOVE. Genuine Praise. It felt so good to be there. My husband, my kids and I had a great time.

I remember specifically when service was almost over, my husband and I looked at each other and we just smiled at each other. We smiled because we were happy. We smiled because service was so good. We smiled because we were HOME. We found OUR church. It was perfect. And although there is NO “perfect” church… there is a PERFECT GOD. And He led us to this church. We Were Home.

It has been more than two years since we started attending this church. (The church at that time had only been open for two months) I have been praying and praying to be USED by God. I have asked and prayed and sometimes begged for God to show me what I am supposed to be doing for Him. I am a true believer that we are all created with a purpose. And I was desperate to know what MY purpose was. With everything that had gone on with my son… I was so confused at what my purpose was. I didn’t understand.

But then one day He showed me. It was like a vision…an instant answer I received. Me behind the Pastor on the Praise Team, me on stage singing, speaking, teaching. I then saw my son, much older in his twenties- Preaching. My son is going to be a minister like his two grandfathers. And then that was it. And I have held on to those visions ever since.

I have to write. I have to write about my son, about what I have gone through…in hopes of giving others HOPE and FAITH in the Lord.

So here I am… to worship. Here I am on our Praise Team. Here I am… telling our story. Going to school full time to get my degree in biblical studies. Doing what God wants me to do. Serving MY purpose. Every day is a good day when you walk in the Light.

To God Be The Glory.

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