Maternal Fetal Medicine


APRIL 20, 2015

I have been thinking and praying about how to say THANK YOU to our MFM doctors for many many months now. I want to thank both the doctors we had while I was pregnant. But I don’t know how.

I don’t know the words to use to express what I feel everyday. If it had not been for them, our twins would not be here right now. Sitting in from of me… rolling a ball back and forth on the carpet.

When my son was diagnosed with PUV, any kind of intervention was thrown out the window because of how serious it already was. It was so bad we were even referred out to other children’s hospitals to try an intervention.  But once they saw our ultrasounds, they denied us.

Our first doctor, Dr. O…reminded me of my dad. He was very funny, witty, joked a lot, and was very easy to talk to. He answered questions whenever we had them. He was very, sometimes brutally, honest. He was the ideal doctor to have in a crisis situation. He was a great help.

And although he was brutally honest, he gave us the good news too. He was the one who first told us of options we had. And although they were options for only “good” kidneys, he still gave them to me.

After our case worker referred us to other hospitals and were denied, HE FOUGHT FOR US. We met with him during one meeting and asked him to help us…to help our twins…help save our son. After our meeting, he said he was sorry. but that he was already told that they would not be able to help us. We begged and begged but were left with no hope.

Five days later his secretary called and said there has been a miracle. She told us that Dr. O, along with his partner, Dr. D. were a part of a board meeting the University hospital has every month. A meeting with all the heads of departments where they each discuss their high risk patients and discuss and choose their options and decide on patients’ care plans. They all decide on the best road to take to care for their patients.

Well, our situation was discussed. All the doctors argued and debated for hours. We were a hot topic that day. The argument was…. how do you risk the perfect health of one twin, versus the very bad prognosis of another twin? Ethics of the whole situation was a hot topic…. understandably so. I completely understood both sides argument. I didn’t want to brig any harm to our perfect unborn daughter. But I also wanted to give our son… OUR ONLY SON… a fighting chance. I wanted to BELIEVE that God was going to make it better. I wanted to SEE God’s miracle. I HAD FAITH.

Praise God that our doctors were also believers. They respected us for putting it all in God’s hands. And I believe, with all my heart, that because we believed, they believed too!

So how do we say THANK YOU? I have a card for them each. On the card are the twins photos from when they were born, to now. And I plan on inviting them to their first birthday which I must start planning…. oh what a day THAT will be.

I hope to one day reunite with both doctors. All the doctors in that office for that matter. Not many believed the twins would survive… and the ones that did always offered their prayers… we are forever thankful and grateful.

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