Give It All To God

Giving it All to God

MARCH 23, 2015

I sit here in my living room, on the floor, thinking, thinking, thinking. How do I do that? How do I ‘Give it All to God’? On more than one occasion I have been given this message. I have been given many many messages about what is happening, about what WILL happen and even about WHY.

God wants my testimony. He wants MY testimony. ME! He wants ME to tell the world about everything he has done for me. He wants ME to tell the world about everything we have been through. He wants ME to tell the world about what we have gone through. He wants ME to tell the world about what we ARE STILL going through. And He wants ME to tell the world how I AM STILL HERE.

But I don’t know how He wants me to do that. I started the Facebook page, Matthew’s Miracles. I never stopped going to church. I started this blog to write about my journey.. to share my thoughts freely.. to let others know that IT WILL BE OKAY.

I have wanted to go back to school and be a teacher. I want to learn to teach. I want to learn to teach theology. I want to PREACH. I want to minister. I want to counsel. I want to be THAT girl.

I remember back in high school everyone always knew THAT girl. The popular girl. The pretty one. The talented one. The athletic one. The perfect one. THAT girl. And now here I am wanting to be THAT girl… but for a completely different reason now. I want to inspire…I want to testify. … I want people to see me and believe that if I could go through all this and be where I am at now.. then they could too. They could make it.. they can see that what doesn’t kill them makes them stronger. I want them to see that even though I AM STILL GOING THROUGH THIS WILDERNESS… I WILL STILL LOVE THE LORD. I WILL STILL PRAISE AND WORSHIP HIM AND I WILL STILL THANK HIM FOR ALL HE HAS DONE.



But I still think about that question…. How do I give it ALL to God??

Please feel free to comment and leave some advice… any and all would be appreciated.

Thanks and God Bless


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