Week 12

week 12 update  home from the NICU

written on   FEBRUARY 16, 2015

Matthew has been up and down this past week. Labs showed that his potassium levels are good…a little elevated but good. We are just happy they weren’t life threatening low like they were two weeks ago! His calcium is now elevated, though. Our little science project just needs some twerks. lol.

Unfortunately Matthew is still fighting off his congestion. Doctor FINA…LLY realized that he has had it a little TOO long. (He has had it since December) And she looked around and listened as much as Matthew would allow her to… and she said that she believes there may be a problem in his trachea. So that means one of two things… either it is under developed because he was a preemie.. or it got damaged because of how many times he had to be intubated. So, she is referring us to a pulmonary specialist to get a full examination.

Dialysis is going fine this week. We changed his solution to one without calcium. So our normal delivery of 12 boxes.. turned into a delivery of 25 boxes.. lol He is up to 270 mL of solution at 14 hours a night. His blood pressure has been really good and his dehydration has been good……. up until last night.

I jinxed myself yesterday and said he was has having a good day.. no vomiting!!! And then early this morning and all day today…. bleehhhhh!! No fun. Poor guy. But he is a trooper. Towards the evening he started feeling a lot better. He actually started smiling. And right now as I type this… he is hooked up to his dialysis and he is talking to his zebra. lol

This past week Matthew was evaluated neurologically and for physical strength and growth. Nurse and case manager came to our home and conducted a few tests and found that Matthew is physically at about where a two month old would be. But, cognitively.. meaning thinking and problem solving… he is where a 4 month old would be. (Matthew and his twin are 7 months old…but adjusted-due date age- they are 5 months old..) So we have a lot to work on to catch up. We will be seeing neurology soon.. do a scan of the brain bleeds that Matthew has…we have been told over and over again we won’t know the extent of damage… but we know Matthew is our miracle boy!! God has a plan for this kid!!

He is doing great on tummy time. He is starting to babble and “talk” to his sisters and us… he is smart… proof with his cognitive thinking test… he is surpassing everyone’s expectations.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers!!! Help us in spreading Matthew’s Miracles… giving God all His Glory!!! Matthew is His Miracle!!! From when he was created… from when he was born… from when he was fighting… to now… and to the many days that will come! God’s Miracle.

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