Sharing Our Journey

we went public…

written on  FEBRUARY 15, 2015

We went public. And I mean.. real public.. Facebook page and all. I have a twitter and an Instagram to help share his story. I am really nervous about this.

The first time we went public, I received that nasty email from my some crazies. I 100% expect psycho or one of her crazy friends to be stalking his public page and maybe even send me another message. I know it’s coming… WE know it’s coming… but we decided it was time.

Our family and friends are participating in the Ronald McDonald House Walk For Kids charity walk out here. We made a group called Matthew’s Miracles. We are walking for the Loma Linda Ronald McDonald house. While our twins were in the NICU, we had the pleasure of staying there for a few months. We met a lot of great people… parents of NICU babies who were right next to our twins… parents who had babies that passed away… the volunteers there were really great! So we wanted to join the Walk For Kids and try to raise some funds for them. We have a good group of people that are joining us for the walk. I am really excited.

(If you are in Southern California… near Palm Desert.. on Sunday March 29th is our walk. It is at our local zoo called The Living Desert. Free to Join!! Or please donate on behalf of our team… Team Matthew’s Miracles.)

Anywho… I ordered some Team wristbands… they’re really cool!

I plan on giving our team members a little thank you goodie bag. And I might sell some bands to try and raise money for our sons kidney transplant. (he is insured, but we will have to come up with about 20% of costs) Well, I was asked by the company who made our bands if they can feature our son’s story on their website. And I was really excited to hear that. But then she asked about a website she can attach a link to the feature story.

It was then that I thought… the only way we can ask for a million more prayers… bring awareness to Kidney Disease and Pediatric Dialysis… fundraise for the Loma Linda Ronald McDonald house… and fundraising for our son’s transplant… is to make a public community page. So here we are… he has a Facebook page…lol… AND an Instagram page… because, well… I LOVE taking pictures and I have a personal Instagram, and thought it’d be cool to have one for Matthew’s Miracles.. so….Boom! lol Social Media, here we are!

feel free to look up on Facebook and Instagram : Matthew’s Miracles

So I ask… all of you.. please Help us out … LIKE and SHARE

That’s so weird to say… lol… Like and Share. *sigh*

Like and Share.

I have so much more to say but I feel like my brain is fried. Sorry if I sound like Im rambling…. I will try and update soon!!

take care and God Bless

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