A Lovely Stranger

A lovely stranger

written on FEBRUARY 3, 2015

Today we were blessed to ‘bump’ into a stranger today … she was a lovely lady and with a little random conversation, we started talking about our marriage and kids… she told us that we were fun… we were a fun couple.. lol. and when she heard about Matthew, she almost started crying.. She then told us her testimony. She said she was in a similar situation with her daughter 27 yrs ago.. she said she wasn’t into church at that time.. but the only one she can turn to was God. she said one night.. sh…e gave her daughter back to Him. and from that moment on.. her daughter thrived and survived. it gave me chills listening to her. I then gave her my testimony and told her about the night that I gave Matthew back to Him. I remember every single detail about that night. I remember looking out at the sunset and finally accepting… Matthew does not belong to me. My children do not belong to me. And here I am faced with a decision. Facing my fears. I remember looking up at the sign on the wall.. looking at the nurses faces.. looking at the empty side of the room where an infant had just passed the previous morning.. this moment was not a blur at all… I said ok. I walked out of that NICU with all my heart.. with all my trust.. with all my faith.. with all my fears.. with everything in me.. and placed it all in Gods hands. I walked out of that NICU not knowing if I was ever going to see my son alive again.. but I walked out BELIEVING!!

And here we are…February 2015. this lovely stranger told us… Matthew will be well… Matthew will be sharing his miracle one day. wow! just knowing what the Lord has in store for us… getting that glimpse of our future through the eyes of a stranger. it was incredible.

Angels are all around us… angels are all around you! God speaks to us and shows us things just at the right moment… just…. incredible.

I had to share that with you… stay blessed everyone

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