written on JANUARY 22, 2015

Only a certain group of very special people will understand these two photos. As you nod your head in agreement and understanding, I am currently sitting at my son’s bedside…except we aren’t home. We are at the Children’s hospital in PICU. (He’s a big boy now… no longer in little baby ICU.)
My son began vomiting non stop Monday night to Tuesday morning. He was very lethargic and pretty much unresponsive. My mom and I rushed him to the Children’s hospital. When we got here we were taken to triage and we found his temper was a high 106.3!!! YES! That is 1-0-6! They immediately took him from my arms and whisked him away to a bed. He had a seizure because his temp was so high. He was placed on a bed of ice and had ice packed all around him. So many nurses and doctors around him. Even a paramedic helped them out.
The whole incident was like a movie. I was numb as it was happening and I seriously believe I might have blacked out because as I sit here writing this…I honestly don’t remember how I got through yesterday.

I took that photo in the ER and I dont even remember it. But I remember this next photo…

My boy came back to life… he actually looked at me…saw me. Thank God!
He was poked and prodded and scanned and tested. He was placed on three different antibiotics, given breathing treatments along with all his other medications.
He tested positive for the common cold. Yes….the common cold almost killed my son.
With my son having kidney disease, his immune system has to work three times harder to fight off germs. And if he catches any germ…this is the result. A serious sickness. A four day stay in the hospital for the common cold.
Today…here we are. He’s feeling much better. He still has the sniffles a little but fever is gone! Antibiotics were given for three days, so he is clear to go home.
God is Good!

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