God is working on something


DECEMBER 30, 2014

A little Miracle Story for your Monday evening…

Matthew’s very first diagnosis was called PUV… Posterior Urethral Valves. It is a blockage in his urethra, meaning he can not urinate like normal. Which in turn refluxed all the urine he had made into his kidneys.. which killed his kidneys and now here he is on dialysis… well… when I was pregnant, I had two surgeries done on Matthew. One surgery was a shunt placed into Matthew’s little bladder to drain his urine. For the first cpl weeks of life, Matthew urinated through this shunt. After a few weeks, the shunt was removed and an incision was made in his lower abdomen and his itty bitty bladder was pulled up to the surface and stitched there… so basically he can urinate straight from that incision.. which is called a vesicostomy.

Matthew’s bladder was very very small in size and the walls of his bladder were thick and kind of yucky. All because of that blockage. His poor bladder was damaged from the weeks he was holding urine without being drained.

Anyways… so after Matthew’s last surgery in October.. the last one when doctors said we were losing him.. yeah that one.. well, his bladder seemed to have been damaged a little more and he stopped making urine. There was absolutely NO urine or any kind of fluid coming out of his vesicostomy.

At the time, it wasn’t a big deal because we had other things to worry about. Plus, his dialysis is doing the job for him anyways… so the whole bladder issue has kind of put in the back burner…

Well… a few days after Matthew came home in November… there was some liquid around his vesicostomy. It was kind of weird at first because it was the first dribble of any sort since October. So I called the doctor.. I called his NICU nurses.. I called everyone!! I was so excited AND shocked at the same time… we were told his bladder just wasn’t working anymore… Everyone was kind of shocked and bewildered. They all just said.. ummm okay.. well good. And then that was it. lol

well… this past Saturday.. I am doing his normal diaper change routine..I place a gauze over his vesicostomy because its easy to soak up any urine and it won’t leak through the top of the diaper.. at least, that’s what we did when he was urinating…

so, as I lift the gauze from the vesicostomy.. it is soaking!! There’s liquid dribbling out and to the side..it’s like.. he peed on me!!! that just can’t be!! At first I freaked out because that just CAN’T be possible!! But then I just cried… silently… quietly… God’s Healing Hands…

It’s His time! It’s ALL in God’s Time!!

We go to see his urologist on Jan 7th. I am anxious to see what they say.. I doubt we will do anything about his bladder anytime soon.. at least I hope they don’t. I, honestly, am not ready for Matthew to be back in the hospital. I really don’t think my brain would be able to handle it yet… lol. But only God knows what’s happening…

WOW! God is Good. I see this little creature in front of me… smiling… laughing… starting to roll over and gain strength in his legs… he looks at us.. he goo-goos and ga-gas at us.. he responds to us… ALL something doctors told us would NEVER happen… one thing people don’t know… Matthew bled into his brain when he was first born. The two cerebral parts in the back of his brain, the right and left, bled… he also had a grade 4 brain bleed at the top of his brain… they never expected him to respond or interact with us… ever. And here he is…

He’s amazing. Praise God. My little Miracle. God doesn’t make mistakes…

If you ever feel like something is Impossible… give it to God. Let Go! Believe that if its His will… it’ll happen. All you really need is to stay faithful and LET-GOD!

All The Honor and Glory To Him!!!

God Bless You All

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