Speechless… Breathless…. Blessed

Speechless… Breathless… Blessed

NOVEMBER 6, 2014

Thats it…

God is Good!

Four months in the NICU. 4 months. Ive seen numerous babies go home. I’ve seen a handful of babies go home to God’s kingdom. I’ve seen sickness.. health.. desperation.. despair.. joy.. laughter.. love.. anger.. and so much more!

I’ve seen my own son sick. I’ve seen him “healthy”. I’ve seen him hurting. Ive seen him happy.

The wonders of God’s work. The holy spirit has flowed through my sons hospital room and into his bed. I’ve seen God’s angels hovered around my son. I’ve heard God’s voice tell me, “Go. Let me have him.”

I let go. Since the night I let go, Matthew has proven everyone wrong! The Lord has shown the world how strong and Powerful He is. He has shown that with Faith the size of a mustard seed, ANYTHING is POSSIBLE.

Today… the Lord left me speechless.. breathless… and amazed

Praise God!
Blessings to you all.

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