November 2, 2014


sooooo… my last post was on Thursday and I was talking about The Machine. The famous dialysis machine that my 4month old son will be using for when he comes home. It is the machine we have been waiting to get on since they day he was born. It is the machine that when doctors talked about anything pertaining to the machine…it always echoed Matthew’s homecoming. And here were are…two days after Matthew was put on the machine, and he is doing GREAT!!! I am soooo happy! Doctors and nurses are all just so happy and so excited for him. They are all still so shocked at how well he is doing.

Exactly four weeks ago we almost lost Matthew. Matthew was doing really bad. He had to have two surgeries in one week. Three surgeries in two weeks. His last surgery was just incredibly hard for Matthew to recover from. The entire month of October was just awful for us.

October 8th was Matthews 100th day in the NICU. Up til that day, he has had eight surgeries. October 8th he was FULL of fluid and weighed 14lbs. His eyes were swollen shut, his skin was stretched it was almost like rubber, he was intubated on the ventilator, he was on a “no fluid diet”, and his lungs were full of fluid. This was a week after his hardest and last surgery. He was 14 weeks old. Just five days before we almost lost him.

Fast Forward three weeks and here we are… he now weighs 9lbs.11oz. He is eating well from his bottle, and his dialysis is working amazingly well…even on the machine. Matthew is doing great!

This NICU roller coaster is coming to an end soon. We hope November is the last month he will have to be here. Its crazy to me how from one day to the next, everything can change. I mean, I always knew that’s how life is. Things can change in the blink of an eye… but I never truly LIVED life that way. Our life has been based on God’s Promises and God’s Plans… BUT we have learned that it is also ALL in God’s Timing. We have learned to celebrate EVERY DAY.Every day that passes is a celebration. At home and with Matthew… every day, we celebrate. My depression puts a damper on things every once in a while, but most days we still manage to celebrate. lol…

November First… the first of the month… and the road to Matthew’s Homecoming. Below is the picture of Matthew’s transformation. Just a little bit of God’s Power. The miracle of God’s Power!! Its amazing!!

God Bless You All

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