The Machine

The Machine

OCTOBER 30, 2014

I was notified late last night that my son is going to be placed on an automatic dialysis machine. He just made it to 100mL of solution… the original goal was 150mL… the doctors are so anxious on getting Matthew home, they want to make sure it works. They want us to get trained on it.. and the sooner we do that, the sooner he comes home. I’m so relieved to kno that his nurse Janice is there with him today. She has been on dialysis and has had a transplant. So she knows exactly what he’s going through. She will for sure speak up if she needs to…. *sigh* there will definitely be a part two to todays post… I just really needed to write this. …

This is it… the day we have been waiting for… the machine… wow!

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